Designed to Be Like Him

J. Dwight Pentecost
ISBN: 9780825434655
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A practical and powerful reminder that new life in Christ gives us a whole new purpose-we have been designed by God to be like Him.

In a time when believers are prodded and persuaded to look at Christianity as a what's-in-it-for-me source for every physical, psychological, and financial desire, Dr. Pentecost gently and persuasively reminds us of the real goal-the God-ordained goal of life in Christ is godliness.

In thirty-two clear and concise chapters, Dr. Pentecost unfolds God's perfect design for life in Christ . . . His design to make us like Him.

God's new design covers all areas of our life. He has a design of our fellowship with Him, a design for the conduct of our daily lives, a design for handling conflict with Satan and our sinful nature, and a design for perfect spiritual maturity in Christ.

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