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Picture of The Gospel According to Luke X-XXIV (The Anchor Yale Bible Commentaries)

The Gospel According to Luke X-XXIV (The Anchor Yale Bible Commentaries)

Joseph A. Fitzmyer S.J.
ISBN: 9780300139815
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Manufacturer: Yale University Press
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In this second of two volumes on the "Gospel According to Luke", beginning with chapter 10, Joseph A. Fitzmyer builds on the exhaustive introduction, definitive new translation, and extensive notes and commentary presented in his first volume. Fitzmyer brings to the task his mastery of ancient and modern languages, his encyclopedic knowledge of the sources, and his intimate acquaintance with the questions and issues raised by the third "Synoptic Gospel".In "joining the spirit to the letter" and scholarship to faith, this two-volume commentary on "Luke" has, as the "Journal of Biblical Literature" predicted, "rapidly and deservedly become the standard work on Luke." "Luke's" unique literary and linguistic features, its relation to the other "Gospels" and the book of "Acts", and its distinctive theological slant are discussed in detail by the author. The Jesus of "Luke's Gospel" speaks to the Greco-Roman world of first-century Christians, giving the followers of Jesus a reason for remaining faithful. Fitzmyer's exposition of "Luke" helps modern-day Christians hear the Good News afresh and understand it like never before.