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Picture of Mark


Larry W. Hurtado
ISBN: 9780943575162
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Manufacturer: Hendrickson
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This insightful commentary, which first appeared some years ago in the Good News Commentary series, is now recast in the NIV and a clear new format for greater accessibility. Hurtado displays an uncommon appreciation for the entire Gospel of Mark and its original audience, making their concerns understandable to modern readers. He masterfully highlights Marks unique emphases, such as the messianic secrecy and the portrayal of the seemingly obtuse disciples who become an object lesson. Both Bible students and scholars will find this commentary engaging.

“Hurtado has an excellent feel for Mark, focusing especially on the theological meaning of the gospel. He is surefooted in exposition of difficult passages, refusing to get bogged down in detail but at the same time refusing to provide a superficial answer. . . . The high quality of Hurtado’s scholarship shines through his engaging prose.”
—Dr. K. E. Brower, British Isles Nazarene College